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Small scale

Moved back to the South West of France, closer to family, for the birth of our son Esteban, all the while continuing working remotely for Arturia.

Dax, Decembre 21st, 2018

Local extremum

Went up Siguniang Chan (lowest peak), 5000m high. Clouds, snow, poor visibility, breathability issues - hey, what did you expect?

China, Sichuan, May 2015

Put a ring on it

Married Jifan Liang. On the sweet music of a hammer drill.

Grenoble, January 12th, 2015

Arturia - your experience

Got back in France because the mind was getting bored - and the girlfriend was getting lonely. Started a new work, crises and incidents everywhere. A year after, I could finally sleep during the week-end without fear for the servers. Details...

Grenoble, 2014

On the steps of Dennis King

One month and a half hiking and hitch-hiking in Tasmania. Parks with legendary names, belly legendarily empty. Lost 7kg.

Tasmania, January 2014

Jungle trek, jungle trek, in Bukit Lawang

Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, same same...but different. Left a few days before the riots and the coup, but after getting my PADI Rescue Diver, walking in a volcano and getting lost in the jungle.

Autumn 2013

On the road again

After three years in Paris, couldn't stand the capital anymore. Quit my job, got my walking boots back, left France.

Charles de Gaulle Airport, September 2013


Started providing input and a bit of help on RunReport for Bastien.

Anywhere, 2013

Fly, you fools!

Got trapped into running a marathon. Trained for 6 months, got a periostitis on my shinbone, stopped training. Restarted training one month and a half prior to the race. Didn't win (no kidding), but finished.

Rotterdam, April 2013

Met my future wife at a wedding

Asked her for fun to take me for a husband. Married her two years later. Nobody ever gets my jokes.

January 26th, 2013


West Highland Way with Bastien, 150k in 5 days, followed by a round trip on my own hitch-hiking around Scotland for a week.

Scotland, April 2012

Top of Europe

Made a friend out of my colleague Sylvestre Ledru, went up the Mont Blanc with him, first time mountaineering. Decided we needed more of this, went back and did another peak within the next two months. Got back tired, but in love with the walk.

Europe, height 4810m, September 2011

Scilab - maths à la française

You spent time in Britanny, you worked in a pub, you hike and you know some computer stuff, wanna come? Learned an awful lot of IT administration stuff, realized school taught me to learn and find solutions (hey, that's nice!), but not where to find the clues about the problems (ouch!). Had a hard time surviving the first 6 months, then got almost everything under control/comprehension. Details...

Paris, September 2010

¿Sos loco?

Pues si. Took the opportunity to realize a dream: hike and hitch-hike all my way down to Ushuaïa on my own. Over 3000km, 7 great hikes and memories for the rest of my life.

Patagonia, January-February 2010

Wanna study abroad?

Why, yes! Argentina, here I come! One year to study Industrial Engineering and improve my spanish at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Spanish level 12.

Mendoza, July 2009

Pub & treasure quest

Started working at the student's pub, developed a billing interface, became treasurer of the association, yelled at everybody to pay off the debts they had.

ENIBar, May 2007


Worked with Bastien and Florian, trying to setup a small communication/web company. Not enough time/effort/motivation in the end, project dropped.

Brest, April 2007

Time to leave to study

Went to Brest in an Engineering School to learn more about computers with my friend Bastien Abadie from high school.

Brest, September 2004

High School certificate

With european mention, music option and honours.

Pau, July 2004

Why are your hands bleeding?

Table football. Don't try me.
Also, broke my foot climbing on a chair. #FurnitureKills

Pau, 2001-2004

Went to boarding school for high school

Two main reasons: european section, with maths taught in english, and Engineer Sciences.

Pau, September 2001

I was born

Thanks mom. And dad.

Dax, August 1986